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RMOT 191 & 192: Getting Started

VIU Library's Research Guide for Resource Management Officer Technology (RMOT) 191 & 192 courses

Identifying a General Website

In this tutorial, you will learn how to identify general websites when searching on the web.


1.  Here's an example of a website about the illegal trade in wildlife:





2.  Look for places on this page that provide the title information for this website. It is quite common

   to have the name of the organization also used as part of the title of the website.




4.  You can also confirm some of the above information by checking the page's information.




5.  This will open a box with some details about this site.



6. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page.



  Using the information on this website, you can create the citation for this web source:


     WWF Canada. c2011. WWF Canada - wildlife trade. <


              =GoogleGrants_SpeciesTerms&gclid=CMWQoufzhLgCFQSCQgodZi8AOA> Accessed 27 Jun, 2013.




This brief tutorial demonstrated how to identify general websites when searching on the web and how to cite it in your reference list.



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