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RMOT 191 & 192: An Introduction

fish, fisheries, wildlife, wildlife management, technical reports, technical writing

Searching the VIU Library for Information on Your Topic

The following tutorial demonstrates how you can search the VIU Library collection using our federated search engine called: LibrarySearch

LibrarySearch allows you to search for books, videos, and journal articles on your topic, all at the same time.  Then you can narrow your search to a specific format, year range, etc.

LibrarySearch: Find articles, books and more


1. Enter words to search (Note: 'and' is automatically added between each search term.).

2. In results, select Content Type (left sidebar): Book/eBook and select Library Location: "Nanaimo" or "Cowichan" or "Powell River".


Here are some examples of searches to find general reference resources in the VIU Library:

(Use the quotations to search a phrase with two or more words) :

"life science" encyclopedia (e.g. life science and encyclopedia)

"life science" dictionaries

animal encyclopedia

mammal encyclopedia

bird encyclopedia

fish encyclopedia

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