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RMOT 191 & 192: An Introduction

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Looking Up an Article Title in the VIU Library

  In this tutorial, you'll learn to find an article (from a citation) by searching in LibrarySearch, the VIU library’s

  search engine:


 1.   You can choose to search in either LibrarySearch (which searches articles, books, videos, etc.) OR

     you can specifically search using the articles link.  The latter is a subset of  LibrarySearch which only

    searches for articles.




2.  For this demonstration, select the articles link to search in.



 3.  Below is an example of a citation to a journal article

              Seip, Dale R. 2008. Mountain caribou interactions with wolves and moose

                    in central British Columbia.  Alces  44: 1-5.



      To complete a search for this article, copy the title of the article (above) and paste it onto the articles search line.





4.  Complete the SEARCH to get a record.

    The record will state if the article is available in Full Text Online (in our library).

    Click onto this hyperlink to ‘jump’ into the database that has this article.





6.  The database you have ‘jumped’ into is called: Academic Search Premier.

    Look for a PDF icon.  (In this database, it's located on the left sidebar.)





7.  Open the PDF Full Text file to view the entire article.





8. Other options on this screen will allow you to print, email, or save this article.


        Note:   Depending on the database, these options may be in different locations around the page.





This brief tutorial demonstrates how you can search for a journal article in the VIU Library collection when you have the article citation or the article title.





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