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Technical Reports (and Other Reports): For Studies in Fisheries, Forestry, RMOT, and Wildlife

Introduction to the Technical Reports Research Guide

The purpose of this research guide is to assist students in finding technical reports in the areas of ecosystems, fisheries, forestry, and wildlife. Explore each side tab for all sorts of resources that will assist you in your research.


VIU Library has some technical reports in its collection which you can find by searching in our library catalogue (see Technical Reports in the VIU Library listed above). 


The majority of technical reports are researched and published by government departments & agencies at various levels:

  • municipal
  • regional
  • provincial
  • federal. 

Many reports are free available, in full text.  Check out the appropriate page on the side menu to find helpful web links to reports in your area e.g. fisheries.


Since the content of many reports is often interdisciplinary, you may need to check related areas on the other pages provided.  For example, ecology reports often provide information on a specific species, along with details about the species’ habitat, ... wildlife reports include fish, etc.


Reports that are not available in our library collection or in full text online, can be requested via our library’s Interlibrary Loan system, where a copy of the report can be borrowed from another library (see blue bar above).


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