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silviculture, ecosystems, logging, temperate forests, forest management, water management, riparian, watershed management, soil erosion, diseases, reforestation, deforestation, wood products, wildlife habitat, inventory, dendrology, sustainability

eBooks/Books @ the Library

The VIU Library has eBooks on a wide range of subjects. You can access these eBooks from on or off campus using your Library ID and PIN.

Find eBooks using LibrarySearch's eBook search :

eBooks vary in their format and features depending on the platform which means options such as turning pages, saving, or printing may differ. Please contact a Librarian if you have questions.

Finding print books : Once you have a search result list, you can limit your titles to print books (instead of ebooks) by selecting the option on the left sidebar under the section, Library Location. For example, selecting Nanaimo will list the print books (within this result list) that are available at the Nanaimo Campus library.

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Forestry Keywords

The following list provides examples of keywords that can be used to search for books/ebooks on topics in forestry.

When searching in LibrarySearch, 'and'  is the default between terms, so searching for:  biodiversity conservation, searches for: biodiversity and conservation - so that the two keywords (or concepts) will be related to one another.


Use quotations around two or more words to search for a concept/phrase.   For example:  "forest management""wood production".  (Search for the titles of books and articles in the same way, using quotations around the titles.)

Note:  Use the symbol * to search a keyword with various endings.  For example, searching:  forest* will search for:  forest, forests, forestry.




Biodiversity conservation

Bioenergy forests

Boreal forest*


Coastal forests





"Forest conservation"


"Forest ecology"

"Forest ecosystems"


Forest genetics

Forest "growth and yield"

Forest insects

"Forest landscape management"


"Forest management"

"Forest management" "british columbia"

"Forest management" hydrology

"Forest management" law

"Forest monitoring"


"Forest policy"

"Forest products"

"Forest products industry"


"Forest reserves"


Forest soils

"Forest surveys"



Forestry biodiversity

Fungi conservation



"Habitat management"



"Lumber trade"


"Natural resources"  forest*

"Natural resource management"


Pests "biological control" "forest management"


"Rain forests"


Salvage logging



"Sustainable forestry"



Tree crops

Trees "british columbia"

Trees  canada

Tree identification

Tree diseases

Tree  pests



"Watershed management"

"Wildlife habitat" improvement

"Wildlife management"

"Woodland management

Wood production

"Wood product management

"Wood waste" fuel

"Wood waste" recycling


Finding Technical Reports in the VIU Library

When searching for Technical Reports in the VIU Library, go to LibrarySearch (our library's search engine) and complete a keyword search by combining technical report with a topic or department. Use quotation marks around each term or concept. (Note: The 'and' between keywords is implied.)



"technical report"  forest*

"technical report"  "forest management"

"technical report"  "pine beetle"

"technical report"  "douglas fir"

"technical report"   "lodgepole pine"

"technical report"   "forest ecology"

"technical report"  "silvicultur*"

"technical report"   "pine beetle"  "british columbia" 

Finding Other Books

To find more books on your topic (not in the VIU Library), search this catalogue (below).  Then borrow the book from another library by completing the Interlibrary Loan Request Form (second link below).

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