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silviculture, ecosystems, logging, temperate forests, forest management, water management, riparian, watershed management, soil erosion, diseases, reforestation, deforestation, wood products, wildlife habitat, inventory, dendrology, sustainability

Key Databases

Databases can be accessed through these links, or from VIU Library's A-Z Databases page.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

Supplemental Databases

Searching with keywords

The following list provides examples of keywords that can be used to search for journal articles on forestry topics in the databases listed on this page.

If you search in an individual database, you should combine your search terms/keyword, using an ‘and’ between each keyword.

For example:  "forest management" and "british columbia", forestry and biodiversity, etc.

Note:  Use the symbol * to search a keyword with various endings.  For example, searching:  forest* will search for:  forest, forests, forestry.

Note: Enclose search terms/keywords having two or more words, in quotation marks to search for that concept e.g. "forest ecology".


"biodiversity conservation"

bioenergy and forests

"boreal forest*"

"clear cut*"

"coastal forest*"

"cone regeneration"

"conifer forest*"



epiphytic plants


"forest conservation"

"forest ecology"

"forest ecosystems"

"forest genetics"

"forest growth and yield"

forest and insects"

"forest landscape management"

"forest management"

"forest management" and "british columbia"

"forest management" and hydrology

"forest management and law

"forest monitoring"

"forest policy"

"forest products"

"forest products industry"

"forest reserves"

"forest science"

"forest soil*"

"forest survey*"


forestry and biodiversity

"fungi conservation"

"habitat management"



"lumber trade"

"natural resources" and forest*

"natural resource management"

"old growth" and forest*

"old growth stands"

pests and "biological control" and "forest management"

"pine beetle"

"rain forest*"

"salvage logging"



"spruce budworm"

"sustainable forestry"

"timber production"

ree* (or spruce or balsam fir or yellow cedar, etc.)

"tree crops"

trees and "british columbia"

trees and canada

tree and identification

tree and diseases

tree and pests

"watershed management"


"wildlife habitat improvement"

"wildlife management"

"woodland management"

"wood production"

"wood product management"

"wood waste" and fuel

"wood waste" and recycling

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