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International Human Resource Management

Internal Company Information


Company websites often have sections that describe their mission, values, and culture (as they see themselves). The best way to find these is by scouring the company website, or by doing some Google searches like "mission statement" [company name], or "organizational structure" [company name]. Look for Human Resources pages, job postings, or policies. See if you can find an annual report.

Here are some example pages:

MERGENT Online contains company finance, competition, and required documentation, like 10-K filings, which cover a wide range of topics relating to the company.

Excerpt from Starbucks 10-K:

"The loss of key personnel or difficulties recruiting and retaining qualified personnel could adversely impact our business and financial results. Much of our future success depends on the continued availability and service of senior management personnel. The loss of any of our executive officers or other key senior management personnel could harm our business. Our success also depends substantially on the contributions and abilities of our retail store employees on whom we rely to give customers a superior in-store experience and elevate our brand. Accordingly, our performance depends on our ability to recruit and retain high quality management personnel and other employees to work in and manage our stores, both domestically and internationally. Our ability to attract and retain both corporate and retail personnel is also acutely impacted in certain international and domestic markets where the competition for a relatively small number of qualified employees is intense or in markets where large high-tech companies are able to offer more competitive salaries and benefits. Additionally, there is intense competition for qualified technology systems developers necessary to develop and implement new technologies for our growth initiatives, including increasing our digital relationships with customers. If we are unable to recruit, retain and motivate employees sufficiently to maintain our current business and support our projected growth, our business and financial performance may be adversely affected."

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