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organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, green chemistry, bonds, compounds, photochemical reactions, redox, alloys, polymers, atoms, molecules, elements, acid- base reactions, ions, salts,

ACS Style Guide - citing your sources

The ACS Style Guide (American Chemistry Society) is the primary style guide used to cite reference resources in research papers in Chemistry. A print copy of this style guide is on reserve at the library’s Service Desk in Nanaimo:

  • Call Number    QD 8.5 A25 2006  (3rd ed.)       


The following resources link to online guides for the ACS style:

Journal Title Abbreviations & Acronyms

Citation Management Software/Tools

Students can use this software to manage and format their research citations (e.g. from journal articles & books) which must be listed at the end of each research paper (Bibliography/Reference List).

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