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Biol 322: Terrestrial Ecosystems

ecology, biogeography, arctic, grasslands & deserts, tundra, biomes, deciduous forest, tropical rain forest, aerobic respiration, adaptation, food webs, sunlight, CO2 flux, temperature fluctuations, ecozones, nitrogen cycle, succession

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The VIU Library has eBooks on a wide range of subjects. You can access these eBooks from on or off campus using your Library ID and PIN.

Find eBooks using LibrarySearch's eBook search :

eBooks vary in their format and features depending on the platform which means options such as turning pages, saving, or printing may differ. Please contact a Librarian if you have questions. 


Finding print books : Once you have a search result list, you can limit your titles to print books (instead of ebooks) by selecting the option on the left sidebar under the section, Library Location. For example, selecting Nanaimo will list the print books (within this result list) that are available at the Nanaimo Campus library.

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Keywords for Topics in Biol 322

The following list provides examples of keywords that can be used to search for books on your topic.

Use quotations marks around phrases that are two words or more. When searching in LibrarySearch (the library's search engine) the word 'AND' is automatically inserted between each search term to tie them together in a search.( However, if you're searching in an individual database, you need to include the 'AND' between each search term.)


 "climate change"  arctic

plants "climate change"

plants ecosystem*

monitoring temperature

surveying plants






"climate change"

"carbon cycle" or "carbon cycling" or" carbon flux*" or "CO2 flux"



ecosystems  (or grasslands or  wetlands or prairies or desert or boreal forest or  arctic or tundra, etc.)

"global warming"

"microbial ecology"


"nutrient cycle"

"nitrogen cycle*"




"plant ecology"

"plant community"



"soil analysis"

"soil biology"

"soil respiration"



"terrestrial ecosystem*"


wildlife (or mammals or insect* or birds or fish*, entomology, aves, etc)


Note:  Use the asterisk * to search a keyword with various endings.  For example, searching: sampl* ,  will search for:  sample, samples, and sampling.


Finding Technical Reports in the VIU Library

Note: The majority of the technical reports are available online at government web sites.  Go to this guide's HOME page, and select the guide: Technical Reports: For Studies in Fisheries, Forestry, RMOT, and Wildlife.


To find Technical Reports in the VIU Library, search in the library catalogue (the link at the bottom of this box).  Complete a keyword search by combining technical report with a topic or department.



"technical report"  "canadian wildlife service"

"technical report"  arctic 

"technical report" birds


"technical report"  conservation


"technical report"  biodiversity


"technical report"  forestry

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