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INDG 103: Treaty Analysis

Resources to support research for the treaty analysis assignment.

Sources for Your Treaty Analysis

From Your Treaty Analysis Assignment:

For this assignment, you will consider one of the following treaties, and examine First Nations perspectives in contrast to the Crown’s perspective using the assigned corresponding reading (on VIULearn) in addition to library research.

Treaty 1
Aimée Craft. "Living Treaties, Breathing Research." Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 26, no. 1 (2014): 1-22.

Treaty 3
Brittany Luby. “‘The Department Is Going Back on These Promises’”: An examination of Anishinaabe and Crown understandings of Treaty.” Canadian Journal of Native Studies 30, 2 (2010): 203–28.

Treaty 4
Bob Beal.  "An Indian Chief, An English Tourist, a Doctor, a Reverend, and a Member of Parliament: the Journeys of Pasqua's Pictographs and the Meaning of Treaty Four." The Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 27, 1 (2007): 109-188.

Treaty 6
Sharon Venne, "Understanding Treaty 6: An Indigenous Perspective," in Michael Asch, ed., Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada : Essays on Law, Equality and Respect for Difference (UBC Press, 1997): 173-207.

Treaty 8
Richard Daniel, "The Spirit and Terms of Treaty 8" in Richard T. Price, ed, The Spirit of the Alberta Indian Treaties, Third Edition (University of Alberta Press): 4-100.

Treaty 9
John Long, "How the Commissioners Explained Treaty Number Nine to the Ojibway and Cree in 1905" Ontario History Spring 98, 1 (2006):  1-29.


Finding "Known" or Assigned Items in the Library

Enter words that describe what you're looking for. For example:

  • all or part of the "article or book or chapter or report title" (enclosed in quotation marks)
  • author name(s)

Search for:

Note: LibrarySearch may also retrieve items that cite or review your target item, so you may see more results than you expect.


Suggested Sources & Resources

Start with a known article, book, or chapter, and use Google Scholar to look for related works. e.g. 

Search for: “‘The Department Is Going Back on These Promises’”: An examination of Anishinaabe and Crown understandings of Treaty

Look for:  Cited by / Related articles /  ... and bibliographies or reference lists


LibrarySearch: Find articles, books and more

How to Search the Library

The following videos will teach you how to use the library's main finding tool. These videos will also show you some advanced searching techniques that will make your research more effective.

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