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CHEM 231/232: Organic Chemistry I & II

nomenclature, properties, organic structure, preparations & reactions, reaction mechanisms, aromatic compounds, aliphatic compounds, etc.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics

Reference Materials - Online

The following titles are examples of Reference Books on Organic Chemistry availalbe in VIU Library's online collection.

To search for Reference Materials, combine your keyword with the type of references you want (e.g. dictionaries).  For example, in the ebook Search, combine the following subject terms:  chemistry (handbooks or encyclopedias or dictionaries or manuals).

Reference Materials - Print

The following titles are examples of Reference books available in VIU Library’s print collection:

CRC handbook of laboratory safety

QD 51 C73 2000       Stacks


Comprehensive Organic Transformations: A Guide to Functional Group Preparations, 1989

QD 262 L355           Stacks


Condensed chemical dictionary

QD 5 C5 2002           Stacks


CRC handbook of optical resolutions via

diastereomeric salt formation

QD 481 C73 2002      Stacks


Desk reference for organic chemists

QD 257.7 E28 1995    Stacks


Encyclopedia of mass spectroscopy
QD 96 M3 E53 2003 V.4    Stacks


Encyclopedia of spectroscopy

QC 450.3 P47 1995    Stacks


The essential guide to environmental chemistry

TD 193 S3813 2001    Stacks


A guide to the complete interpretation

of infrared spectra of organic structures

QC 462.85 R64           Stacks


Illustrated handbook of physical-chemical properties

and environmental fate for organic chemicals

TD 196 O73 M32 1992 v.1-5       Stacks


Lange's Handbook of Chemistry

QD 65 L36 1992         Stacks


The Merck index : an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals

RS 51 M4 2013      Copy 1 on Reserve,  Copy 2 - Stacks


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