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Biol 445: Molecular Genetics

gene expression, heredity, DNA replication, transgenic organisms, gene therapy, genomes, genes and medicine, model organisms, epigenetics, phenotype, gene regulation, gene structure, genome analysis, disease genes, genetic testing

Search Terms - for topics in Molecular Genetics

The following list provides examples of keywords that can be used to search for books/ebooks or journal articles on topics in molecular genetics (use the book search box to the right).


When searching in LibrarySearch, 'and'  is the default between each terms, so searching for:  gene transfer, searches for: gene and transfer ... 


Use quotation marks around two or more words to search for a concept/phrase.   For example:  "gene expression"   "gene mapping".   (Search for the titles of books and articles in the same way, using quotations around the titles.)


Note:  Use the symbol * to search a keyword with various endings.  For example, searching:  gene* will search for:  gene, genes,  genetic, and genetics:


biochemistry and molecular biology”






"comparative genome analysis"

“comparative genomics”



“expressed sequence tags”

"gene aspects"

"gene delivery"

"gene diseases"

"gene expression"

“gene mapping”

"gene regulation"

“gene structure”

“gene therapy”

“gene transfer”


“genetic  research”

"genetic testing"

“genetics and heredity”

“genetic vectors”



 “human  genome”

“inheritance patterns”

"medical genetics"

 “model organisms”

“molecular biology”

“molecular genetics”


“nucleotide sequence”


“phenotype variation”

“plant genetics & genomics”





“transgenic  organisms”



Note: Also search using family names or specific species names e.g. "Saccharomyces cerevisiae" , "Caenorhabditis elegans" and "Drosphila melanogaster".

eBooks/Books @ the Library

The VIU Library has eBooks on a wide range of subjects. You can access these eBooks from on or off campus using your Library ID and PIN.

Find eBooks using LibrarySearch's eBook search :

eBooks vary in their format and features depending on the platform which means options such as turning pages, saving, or printing may differ. Please contact a Librarian if you have questions. 


Finding print books : Once you have a search result list, you can limit your titles to print books (instead of ebooks) by selecting the option on the left sidebar under the section, Library Location. For example, selecting Nanaimo will list the print books (within this result list) that are available at the Nanaimo Campus library.

Finding and Requesting books not in the VIU Library

If the VIU Library doesn't have enough books on your topic, then you can request to borrow books from other libraries. 

First, you can search the WorldCat catalogue to get the citation information of a book you want to order, then use the VIU InterLibrary Loan System to request the book and have it brought to our library.

The links to the above items are below:

Google Book Search

Google Scholar Search
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