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eBook Creation 101: Promotion

DIY eBook creation instruction. Learn how to create, license, publish, and promote your own ebook.

#1 Promotion Tip


Metadata is absolutely critical to promoting your eBook.  Metadata is data about data.  In the case of your eBook, it means information about your eBook: title, eISBN, author, publisher, language, subject, etc.  Kobo Writing Life and Kindle Direct allow users to input metadata during the upload process.  If you're using PressBooks or other software to create your eBook, search for "metadata" in the help to learn how to include these vital bits of information. For more information on metadata, see this blog post. 

Ideas for Promotion

  • Identify your distribution channels
  • Most people who download ebooks hear about them online, therefore strong social media presence needed
  • Guerilla marketing using QR codes to link to your eBook with stickers, your website, magnets,
  • A dummy (or real) book in the library, signs
  • Have eAuthor readings to connect digital and physical, talk about their process
  • Tap into high school service hours requirements and have tech savvy teens pair with seniors to tell their stories (lots of grants fund intergenerational projects)
  • Offer incentives to users for reviewing your ebook (in catalogue like Bibliocommons or in a for-profit environment)

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