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eBook Creation 101: Planning

DIY eBook creation instruction. Learn how to create, license, publish, and promote your own ebook.

Questions for Creators to Think About

  • Are you making a print book into an eBook (traditional) or will this be an eBook from the start (embedded features)?
  • Are you trying to make a profit? Or just get your work out?
  • Who's your target audience?
  • Where will you host your eBook?
  • What format(s) will it be in?
  • Do you have the rights to any media that will be included?
  • What license will cover this eBook?
  • Do you want to submit your ebook to Amazon KDP, iBooks, Kobo Writing Life? Or use an aggregator like Smashwords or Draft2Digital?
  • How will the eBook be promoted?
  • Will you design the eBook yourself or hire someone?

Questions for Librarians to Think About

  • Is there a need in your community for library as publisher?  Or does your involvement end with simply showing patrons how to make eBooks?
  • What intellectual freedom challenges might you face?
  • Will community content be included in your catalogue? How will it be distinguished from other resources?
  • How will you decide what to collect?
  • Do you want to fund eBook projects on indiegogo?
  • Do you want to collect donations from the sale of locally-created eBooks? 

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