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eBook Creation 101: Introduction

DIY eBook creation instruction. Learn how to create, license, publish, and promote your own ebook.


This LibGuide introduces visitors to the world of eBook creation.  Explore the above tabs to find out about the steps involved in publishing your own eBooks, or assisting library users in doing so. 

This guide is under Creative Commons License.  If you'd like to reproduce any part of this guide, you may do so under the following conditions: (1) You attribute the work to Darby Love and Kathleen Reed, (2) you don't use it for commercial purposes, and (3) you license you content under the same or a similar license (i.e. you don't use traditional copyright).

Current eBook Landscape

Creators are using eBooks to:

  • make a profit
  • share their specific knowledge
  • spread their ideas to a wider audience than would be possible with a physical object (no releases that are limited by where you live in the world, just one borderless release)
  • break into publishing with very small start up costs and little technical knowledge
  • publish content that might otherwise be censored by publishers
  • get their ideas out more quickly than they could with a paper model of publishing
  • make online content accessible off-line
  • make materials that are accessible for people with disabilities
  • embed digital and interactive content
  • publish content that's too long for a magazine article, but too short for a traditional book



Your Host

Kathleen Reed

Assessment & Data Librarian

Vancouver Island University




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