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Getting Started at VIU Library for Students

Photo ID

Why: Your VIU Photo ID is essential to accessing services at VIU. These include borrowing library books, videos, CDs and equipment; using the gym; using the Dining Dollars program in the cafeteria; and writing exams.

Where: Upload your selfie through the Student Record System.

More information: VIU Student ID Card

Student Computer Account

Why: You'll need your Student Computer Account to log on to campus computers and the VIU wireless network, VIU-Secure, and also for printing to VIU printers.  Plus, you get 200MB worth of VIU network storage space with your account!  

Where: Create your account online.  Staff in the Library or at the IT HelpDesk are available to help you.

Please note: Don't lose your work - practice good file management and always save to U:

More information:  Student Guide to Getting Started with VIU Technology

Library Account

Why: You'll use your library account to access millions of online articles, ebooks and online videos, and to borrow books, DVDs, CDs and equipment.

Where: Use your VIU computer account credentials to log in.

When: Your Library account is active for as long as you are enrolled in VIU courses. 

More information:  Library accounts for VIU students and employees

Printing & Photocopying Account

More Information: How Does Student Printing Work?

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