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Digitization & Digital Preservation at VIU Library

Digitization and digital preservation serve the strategic objectives of VIU Library, and are carried out in coordination with our work in collections, research and instruction. Strategic digitization, digital integrations, and integrated preservation strategy across print and digital collections support learning, scholarship and creative activity within the VIU community.

VIU Library is committed to supporting the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion by promoting a welcoming, safe, and respectful environment for all. We recognize the Library’s important role in this area, and seek to uphold this commitment within our digital preservation work.

The Library's Pledge to Our Users.

The VIU Library’s 2018 Strategic Plan.

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Research Data Management at VIU Library

Research data management infrastructure at VIU Library is offered in the context of VIU's Research Data Management Strategy, and includes the following services and tools:

DMP Assistant

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada DMP Assistant helps with writing a research data management plan (DMP) by posing a series of questions through a template-based tool.  DMP exemplars representing various disciplines and research methods are available from the Training Resources site.


VIUSpace is a digital repository that provides access and stable long-term storage, and facilitates preservation services for products of VIU scholarly and creative activity. VIUSpace may be an appropriate repository for some data needs.

Vancouver Island University Dataverse 

The Vancouver Island University Dataverse is part of Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository, and is a research data repository for the use of VIU researchers. Files are held in a secure environment on Canadian servers. Researchers can choose to make content available to the public, to specific individuals, or to keep it locked. The FAQ may assist in determining fit with the data needs of a research project.


The Canadian Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) of the Portage Network  is a national solution for storage of big research datasets. For more information about FRDR and how it might relate to your research data management needs, contact Library Data Services.


More information about research data management, planning, and stewardship is available on inquiry. VIU researchers are welcome to make an appointment to discuss research data management needs.

Contact Library Data Services.

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Scholarly Communication

VIU Library offers resources, services, and expertise in the area of scholarly communication, including considerations for dissemination and preservation of scholarly works; matters related to Open Access, licenses and agreements; and the influence and reach of scholarly work.

For more information or consultation, contact us, or see related information guides:

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