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Information about Library planning, collections, surveys, and key documents


Reminder! All students need new ID cards   

If you received your student ID card prior to July 2019, you must get a new student ID. You will need your card to access the Library Commons, and the Centre for International Education after hours starting December 19, 2019. In the future, the card will be used to access other facilities and services on campus.

This is part of the Federated Identity Management initiative, that will lead to a greatly simplified user experience when accessing both VIU internal and external services and resources. Replacement cards are free, and you can now upload your selfie through the Student Records System or visit the library service desk

Promotional Materials & Outreach in the Library

Posters, signage, and tabling are not typically permitted in the library.


One of the challenges that VIU Library frequently navigates is the success of library space and its popularity. Library space is an obvious and immediate target for those that wish to promote or run events, set up shop, etc. However, this space is first and foremost a place for students to complete their assignments. Therefore, it is important to us to prevent the erosion of student space (even if temporary) and limit distractions. We believe the nearby cafeteria and quad serve this function.


In the past, we have made exceptions for initiatives that align with our Library Strategic Plan. If you believe that you qualify for an exception, please contact our Learning Commons Librarian, Luke McLeod.

Displaying Art in the Library

VIU Library invites students to display artwork and exhibits on the 3rd and 5th floors. Past displays have included ARTS 484, Typography, and more.

To arrange a display, please contact Luke McLeod

Filming and Photography in the Library

Permission to film or photograph in library spaces must be requested and approved in advance. Please contact our Learning Commons Librarian, Luke McLeod, at least one week prior to the requested date.


Please include the following details:

  • Proposed time, date, and duration
  • Desired location of the library
  • A description of the project
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