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MGMT 252: Wine Industry Research


The purpose of this guide is to help you in your research on the wine industry and your selected region. I've provided some examples of different documents and reports that you should seek out; some of these are from library subscriptions, and others were found through Google.

The journals and databases in this guide should also be useful for you. Take some time to try them out. If you need help with research, contact us on our research help page.

Good luck on your assignment!

Searching the library

Recommended Search Terms

Try using the phrases and search terms below with other terms that relate to your project, such as a country or topic. NAICS / SIC codes might also be useful in certain tools/websites: NAICS -- 31213 -- Wineries | SIC -- 2084 -- Wines, Brandy

For example: "wine tourism" italy  Another example: "wine tour" marketing

"wine tourism" soil terrior
"consumer value" "wine industry" "wine market"
viticulture wineries region

Recommended Library Subscriptions

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