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Technical Reports (and Other Reports): For Studies in Fisheries, Forestry, RMOT, and Wildlife

Finding Technical Reports in the VIU Library

When searching for Technical Reports in the VIU Library, go to the library catalogue (link is below) and complete a keyword search by combining technical report with a topic or department.

 Many technical reports are now available online from the specific department that publishes them.  For these reports, please see the other pages listed on the blue bar above.  




"technical report" "canadian wildlife service"


"technical report" arctic


"technical report" birds


"technical report" conservation


"technical report" biodiversity


"technical report" forestry


"technical report" arctic




An example of a search result from above:

Identification of ecologically and biologically significant areas in the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area. Phase I, Identification of important areasEdit/Delete
Call Number: FS97-6/2678E PT.1 & 2, Government Publications - Canada (3rd floor) 


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