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MARK 366: Market Research

Supporting information for the MARK 366 Library class

Finding Industry Associations and their Reports

Industry Associations can be a useful resource for doing research. You can find them by searching Google with the word association alongside something that represents the product or service, like wine. The following video will teach you more about finding Industry Association reports.

Finding Industry Information by Country in Passport GMID

Passport GMID will help you find information about market size, distribution channels, sales, competitors, and more. The following video will help you navigate this part of the database.

Finding Industry Information in IBISWorld

IBISWorld Industry Reports will show you how an industry is performing in a certain country. These reports are updated regularly and average about 40 pages in length. There may be more than one report that relates to your product or service. The following video will give you a tour of how to search IBISWorld and use its main features.

Finding Country Reports in Business Source Complete

Note: You can also follow these steps to find a SWOT analysis for a particular company. Select SWOT analysis rather than country reports, and search for the name of the company rather than a country. There will not be a SWOT analysis for every company, but there should be one for most major or multinational companies.

Finding Company Information & Financials

Use MERGENT to see if you can find financial information about your company. If it's there, it should also contain mandatory filings and reports that public companies have to make, such as a 10-K reports.

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