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Literature Reviews

VIU Writing Centre

If you need help developing or organizing a literature review, the VIU Writing Centre is a great place to visit.

The Writing Centre is staffed by VIU instructors who work as tutors and can sit with you to read through your work or talk with you about how to approach writing a literature review.

  • It's not just people who struggle with writing that can visit the Writing Centre. The staff and tutors of the Writing Centre also work with established writers and people experienced in academic writing, even if just to 'check in' about writing issues.

The service is free to students (as well as faculty and staff) of VIU.

You can visit the Writing Centre

  • by dropping in without an appointment (usually between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. during the regular school year)
  • by scheduling an appointment (by using the Writing Centre's scheduling website)

Meeting with a Writing Centre tutor can also be done online, either in real time (face-to-face with a tutor via webcam) or asynchronously, when a student and tutor send each other writing samples. Check with the Writing Centre for more information.

VIU Writing Centre
Building 305 (Library Building), Room 474
Writing Centre Co-ordinator: 250-753-3245, Local 6191

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