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Literature Reviews

Citation Chaining

A powerful strategy to find information for literature reviews is citation chaining, which refers to two specific actions:

  • One action is to look through the works cited or reference list of one good information source that you’ve already found and see what was cited. The idea is that some of these cited sources might be relevant and useful if you are researching a similar topic.
  • The other is to take that good information source you’ve already found, and see who cited it after it was published. This lets you see who has been influenced by the work that you started with, and like before, there might be some relevant sources here that you can use.

Cited Reference Searching

if you find an article, book, report or paper that is important to your research, you can use its reference list to locate other items of interest.

VIU Library has prepared a guide on Cited Reference Searching, which looks at tools you can use such as

  • Library databases
  • Web of Science
  • Google (Google Scholar and Google Books)
  • Amazon
  • PubMed
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