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Biol 334: Virology

virus structure, biochemistry, replication, pathogenesis, virus families, immunology, infectious dieseases, pathogens, viral adaptations, epidemics, flu, ebola, influenza

Viral Families

RNA Arenaviridae

RNA Bunyaviridae

RNA Coronaviridae

RNA Filoviridae

RNA Flaviviridae

DNA Herpesviridae

DNA Mimiviridae

RNA Orthomyxoviridae

DNA Papillomaviridae

RNA Picornaviridae

DNA Poxviridae

RNA Retroviridae

RNA Reoviridae

RNA Rhabdovirus

Sub-viral particles (Viroids, virusoids/satellite virus)

Search the term: viroid to find the list:

            Apple Scar Skin viroid

            Avocado Sunblotch viroid

            Citrus Bark Cracking viroid

            Coleus Blumei viroid 3

            Tomato Apical Stunt viroid


Note:  Virusoids and satellite virus are not considered true viruses


RNA Togaviridae

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