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Geography: Case Studies

Award Winners

Organizations that hand out urban and regional planning awards are a great place to learn about successful projects.  Have a look at some of the following:

Where are the Case Studies?

Creative Commons Flickr photo by David Baggins

Case studies can be found in several places:

Journal Articles

Start with LibrarySearch, the main search box at the library.  Check off the "Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review" box under "Refine Your Search."


It usually takes more than a year for a book to be published, so you're generally not going to find the most recent examples in books.  You can do the same types of search as above, just check off "Book/eBook" under the "Content Type" heading.


You'll find conference presentations, reports published by government and organizations, and websites devoted to planning online. 

Search Terms

Try any of the following by themselves or in combination:

  • "case studies"
  • "urban planning"
  • "regional planning"
  • neighbourhoods
  • planning
  • solutions
  • policy
  • design

Specific Websites

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