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Earth Sciences

climate & weather, energy, environment, geology, hydrology, karst, minerals & metals, paleontology, seismology, volcanology, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, geophysics, sedimentology, glaciology, meteorology, climatology, geomorphology,

Print Reference Books

Diatoms: Applications for the environmental and earth sciences

QK 569 D54 D536 1999       Stacks (4th floor)


Encyclopedia of caves and karst science

GB 601 E535 2004                 Stacks (4th floor)


Encyclopedia of climate and weather

QC 854 E523 1996 vol. 1-2    Stacks (4th floor)


The encyclopedia of earthquakes and volcanoes

QE 521 R58 1994       Stacks (4th floor)


The encyclopedia of gemstones and minerals

QE 392 H65    Stacks (4th floor)


The Encyclopedia of igneous and metamorphic petrology, 1989

QE 461 E56    Stacks (4th floor)


Encyclopedia of minerals

QE 355 R6 1990                     Stacks (4th floor)


Encyclopedia of paleontology

QE 703 E523 1999 vol.1-2     Stacks (4th floor)


The Encyclopedia of solid earth geophysics

QE 501 E58    Reference  (3rd floor)


Encyclopedia of volcanoes

QE 522 E53 2000       Stacks (4th floor)


Fossils; an introduction to prehistoric life

QE 711 M32   Stacks (4th floor)


Grzimek's encyclopedia of evolution

QE 711.2 G79 Stacks (4th floor)



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