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Horticulture: Reference Materials

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Reference Materials - in print

Reference materials consist of items such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, handbooks, manuals, and atlases that are referred to for general, overview information.

The following titles are examples of some of the print Reference Materials available in the VIU Library:

Ball culture guide: the encyclopedia of seed germination
SB 406.83 N38 1999   (Stacks) 

Cavendish encyclopedia of pruning & training
SB 125 B74 1999   (Stacks) 

Culinary herbs
SB 351 H5 S52 2006   (Stacks)

Dictionary of gardening
SB 450.95 D53 V.1-4   (Stacks) 

Dirr’s hardy trees and shrubs: an illustrated encyclopedia
SB 435.5 D556 1997   (Stacks) 

Encyclopedia of hardy plants: annuals, bulbs, herbs, perennials, shrubs, trees, vegetable, fruits & nuts 
SB 450.95 F44 2001   (Stacks) 

Encyclopedia of planting combinations
SB 454.3 C64 L67 2008   (Stacks) 

Encyclopedia of shade perennials
SB 434 S297 2002   (Stacks) 

Landscape gardening
SB 473 C76   (Stacks)

The National Gardening Association dictionary of horticulture
SB 317.58 N38   (Stacks)

The New York Botanical Garden illustrated encyclopedia of horticulture
SB 317.58 E94 V.1-10   (Stacks)

Plant Propagation A to Z: Growing Plants for Free
SB 119 B79 2006  (Stacks)

Plant propagation : principles and practices
SB 119 P55 2002  (Stacks)

Taylor’s guide to bulbs
SB 425 T38 1986   (Stacks) 

Taylor’s guide to ground covers, vines & grasses
SB 432 T38 1987   (Stacks) 

Variegated leaves: the encyclopedia of pattern foliage
SB 438.8 C66   (Stacks)

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