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Horticulture: Books/ebooks

landscape gardening, gardening, horticulture, floriculture, vegetables, farmers' markets, rain gardens, sustainable food, landscape design, organic produce

eBooks/Books @ the Library

The VIU Library has eBooks on a wide range of subjects. You can access these eBooks from on or off campus using your Library ID and PIN. Find eBooks using LibrarySearch's eBook search :

eBooks vary in their format and features depending on the platform which means options such as turning pages, saving, or printing may differ. Please contact a Librarian if you have questions.

Horticulture Keywords

There following are some examples of keywords for topics in Horticulture: 

landscape gardening  

landscape architecture

landscape construction                       

landscape design

landscape nurseries



sustainable horticulture  


ornamental trees

ornamental trees and pruning

ornamental shrubs

tree pruning


nursery stock

potted plant industry


irrigation management

greenhouse management

greenhouses and plants

nurseries and management



golf courses and landscape

turf management


forest nurseries


forest landscape management




bedding plants

native plants and british Columbia


plants and fertilizers

plants and nutrients



pesticide and management

weed control



biological control

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