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Management: Industry Research: Industry Codes & Classification

This guide provides assistance in searching for industry resources.

Industry Codes & Classification

What is industry classification? Industry Canada offers a useful overview:

"...classification has been developed as a method of grouping businesses that produce the same or similar product and/or services and uses a hierarchical structure, getting more specific at lower levels."


NAICS code Industry
445 Food and Beverage Stores
4452 Specialty Food Stores 
445220 Fish and Seafood Markets

Using Industry Codes to Search Databases

Many of the Library's specialized market research, financial, and government statistics databases allow you to search by industry code as a means of finding information about your industry.

An industry code search can help to find these kinds of information:

  • industry statistics
  • industry profiles and analyses
  • industry competitors
  • benchmarks for firms in your industry with ratios
  • detailed financial data from publicly traded companies 
  • news from industry and trade associations

Some specialized business databases offer searching by industry code. These include:

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