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Workplace Essentials Skills Training (WEST)

This guide provides Library support to students in Workplace Essentials Skills Training programs.

LibrarySearch: Find articles, books and more

How to Search the Library

The following videos will teach you how to use the library's main finding tool. These videos will also show you some advanced searching techniques that will make your research more effective.

Workplace Communication

Here is a list of words and phrases to consider when searching for information related to workplace communication:

  • workplace relationships
  • workplace communication
  • "teams in the workplace"
  • "interpersonal communication" workplace
  • "interpersonal relations" workplace
  • conflict management
  • workplace conflict
  • business etiquette

What We Did in Class: Workplace Attitudes and Safety

Brainstorm Concepts for Workplace Attitudes

  • workplace behaviour

Brainstorm Concepts for Workplace Safety

  • worksite safety
  • international safety symbols
  • WHMIS OR "Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System"
  • heavy equipment safety
  • fall protection
  • food safety

Google Search Tips

  • Find an exact phrase by using quotations around a phrase to keep the words together:
    • "customer service"
    • "conflict management"
  • Find results that contain both search terms by using + between the terms:
    • jobs + employment
  • Find results that contain one of several words by using OR between the terms:
    • workplace communication OR conflict management
  • Find results with similar words by using a ~ before a word:
    • work ~communication

This will find results including work and words such as, communication, communicate, or communicating.

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