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Library Instruction

About the Module

VIU Library has prepared an asynchronous library instruction module that covers the following topics:

  • Evaluating information
  • Working with broad and narrow research topics
  • Researching literature topics
  • How & where to search
  • Copyright

The module is designed as a scaffolded tutorial that chunks learning and reduces strain on cognitive load, resulting in enhanced student learning. According to best pedagogical practices, we recommend that instructors make the module available to students before or after an instructional session. Most of the content is delivered through short videos and other digital learning objects rather than text.

You can download it as a D2L import file (Last updated Fall 2021). You will see files for:

  • English 115 / INTR 100
  • English 125 / LBST / INTR 101 or 103 or 106
    • All of the content that is intended for ENGL 125 is in the submodule: "Library Tutorial: Literary Research." All other content is review from ENGL 115, which is included in case you have students that have not taken ENGL 115 yet.

There is a final quiz that you can use to determine whether students completed the library tutorials or not via VIULearn's quizzing features.

If you are unsure which of the files above is best for your course, or you would like supplementary content, contact us at

How to import the module

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox to follow these instructions. Many of the troubleshooting inquiries we received in the Fall were solved by switching from Safari to another browser.

  1. Login to VIULearn
  2. Go to the course you want the module to be in
  3. Go to “Contents”
  4. Click “Table of Contents” on the left (underneath “Course Schedule”)
  5. Click “Import Course”
  6. Click “Import Course Package”
  7. Click “Upload” and select the zip file you downloaded. Don't unzip it!
  8. Click “Import All Components”
  9. A module called “Library Tutorials” should now be in the Table of Contents for your course.

Inside you will find submodules that you can drag and drop into the relevant sections of your course. We recommend placing the content at students' point of need. ie: Place "Getting Started" at the beginning of the term so students can learn how to search for and access library resources, such as course readings. if you are unsure of how best to organize the library tutorials in your online course, be sure to get in touch and we will work with you. You can delete the "All Library Tutorials" module once you have dragged and dropped all the content where you would like it.

The following video demonstrates Steps 1 - 9 of the import process (no audio):


Last semester, some folks had browser extensions that automatically unzipped the import file, which made it not work. Make sure the file you're selecting on Step 7 above is a .zip file. If you can't turn that feature off in your browser, try downloading it on another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

If you have any trouble importing it, you can also try the import steps on CIEL’s page.

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