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Library Contacts

Library Faculty & Administration

For detailed questions, an appointment with a liaison librarian may be appropriate. To make an appointment, please contact your liaison as below.

David Alexander

University Librarian 
p. 236.628.2402

Liz Laidlaw (on leave)

Assistant to the University Librarian
p. 250.753.3245, ext 2030   c: 250.714.6311

Lara Wright

Associate University Librarian 
p. 250.753.3245, ext 2273

Jean Blackburn

Collections Coordinator; Library Systems
Liaison for: Health Programs (Dental Assistant, Dental Hygiene, Health Care Assistant, Nursing, Practical Nursing); Music
p. 250.753.3245, ext 2091

Patricia Geddes

Librarian & Coordinator for Indigenous Initiatives
Liaison for: Indigenous / Xwulmuxw Studies; Aboriginal Education Services; Modern Languages
p: 250.753.3245, ext 2740

Natalie Hajduk

Librarian & Coordinator of Information and Digital Literacies
Liaison for: Science and Technology; English as a Second Language
p: 250.753.3245, ext 2268

Lucy Kiester

Librarian & Coordinator for Academic Transitions
Liaison for: Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation (ACP)
p: 250.753.3245, ext. 6333

Caroline Korbel

Librarian & Coordinator for Copyright and Open Licensing 
Liaison for: Human Services programs (Social Work, Child & Youth Care, Early Childhood Education and Care, Social Services, Education Assistant and Community Support)
p: 250.753.3245, ext 6335

Dana McFarland

Librarian & Coordinator for eResources & Scholarly Communication; Library Systems
Liaison for: History, Indigenous / Xwulmuxw Studies; Faculty of Education; Community Scholars
p: 250.740.6332

Luke McLeod

Learning Commons Librarian
Liaison for: Faculty of Management; Trades & Applied Technology; Creative Writing & Journalism; English; Theatre; Art and Design; tiwšɛmawtxʷ Campus
p: 250.753.3245, ext 4287

Kathleen (KJ) Reed

Assessment Librarian, Data Services Coordinator
Liaison for: Media Studies; Studies in Women and Gender; Faculty of Social Sciences; Data Services
p: 250.753.3245, ext 2271

Daniel Sifton

Library Automation & Technical Services Coordinator; Library Systems
Liaison for: Faculty of Education
p: 250.753.3245, ext 2444

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