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Consumer Demographics

Statistics Canada (and similar bodies in other countries) is a great source for consumer demographics. You can see the population, income, family size, and other details for various locations. The video below will show you how to search and navigate StatCan data. As an example, look at the StatCan data for Nanaimo.

Some cities produce Community Profiles, which often add some useful local context to StatCan data. Check out Nanaimo's Community Profile as an example. Search for these using Google with search terms like: "community profile" victoria

For more Statistics resources, check our Statistics guide.

Consumer Psychographics

Psychographics refers to data about consumers' interests, opinions, values, beliefs, behaviours, and attitudes. This information can help you understand your target market and position your product, service, or company. The following video will show you how to find this information using Passport GMID.

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