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This guide provides an introduction and brief overview of journals and academic publications.

Search by Title

If you're looking for a specific journal you can search by title from the VIU Library homepage by clicking the Journals tab and then entering the title, or part of the title, in the search bar and clicking search

Screenshot of VIU Library homepage. "Journals" is selected and the search bar and search button are highlighted.

Browse by Subject

If you're not looking for a specific title you can browse journals by subject by navigating to the VIU Library homepage, clicking the Journals tab, and then clicking Browse journals

Screenshot of VIU Library homepage. "Journals" is selected and the "browse journals" hyperlink underneath the search bar is highlighted.

You can then select a subject area and a sub-category to browse related journals. 

Screenshot of the "browse by subject" section of the A-Z Journals page with different subject hyperlinks. "Social sciences" subject and "gender studies and sexuality" sub category are selected.

After selecting a subject and sub-category you can limit your results to Peer Reviewed and/or Open Access

Screenshot of the "showing results" section of the A-Z Journals page for "Social Sciences" and "gender studies and sexuality". "Limit by peer reviewed and or open access" is highlighted"

When reviewing results you can find relevant information about each journal, including what issues of the journal VIU Library has access to and where to access them, underneath the journal's title. You can also search some journals directly from the results page by entering keywords into the search bar below the journal information. 

Screenshot of "gender and society" journal record. Includes journal title, ISSN, "look up article" hyperlink, "peer reviewed", the dates and sources where the journal is available, and a "search inside this journal" search bar.

Request a Journal or Article

If you need a particular journal article, but the VIU Library doesn't have subscription access to the journal (or the journal volume/issue/year) you need, you can request a copy of the article on interlibrary loan - meaning the VIU Library will try to get the article for you from another library. Note, it can take between 3-5 days to get access to a journal article and not all articles are available through interlibrary loan. 

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