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INDG 102: Sources for the Portfolio Project

Resources to support research for the portfolio project.

Family history-related sources, such as vital records or other archival sources, are made available to family history researchers to at least some extent by provinces, territories, and by Library and Archives Canada.

For information about challenges and strategies related to these sort of records in researching Indigenous family members, it may be helpful to look at this blog post by Stacey Devlin and Emily Cuggy (2017):
Settler Records, Indigenous Histories: Challenges in Indigenous Genealogical Research

For example:

If your research brings you to paywalled sources from or, please note that you can get access through the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) without having to take out a personal subscription.


Search tips

Obtain results that include only the exact wording by enclosing a word, concept, or phrase in quotations


"family history"

"great grandmother"

Obtain results from a specific website or domain by using site:

Example (genealogy OR "family history")

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