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VIUSpace | Special Projects: Library Info

This guide showcases projects connected to our institutional repository: VIURRSpace. The projects below have been built by the library technical services department: Daniel Sifton, Sarah Ogden, Dalys Barney

College Calendars

Calendar CollageThe Malaspina College Calendar Collection | Timeline showcases easily browsed, digitized calendar covers from Malaspina College - Malaspina University College 1969 - 2003. Links at the bottom right of each image will take you to the full-text of the calendars in the Malaspina College Calendar Collection.

Nanaimo Coal Mines

Nanaimo Coal MinesThe Nanaimo Coal Mines | Map displays Nanaimo and area coal mines discussed in the Coal Tyee History Project VIUSpace collection. Selecting a mine from the map will provide a summary of the mine and access to digitized audio recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted between 1979 and 1984 with Vancouver Island miners and their families.

Nanaimo Pride Society

Volunteer badgeThe Nanaimo Pride Society | Timeline showcases easily browsed, digital artifacts from the Nanaimo Pride Society. Links at the bottom right of each image will take you to the full-text of the objects in the Nanaimo Pride Society Collection.

Nanaimo Slides

CAF Soldiers and a machine gun The Nanaimo Slide Collection | Map showcases the various historical locations found in the Nanaimo Slide Collection. These digitized slides feature people and places in Nanaimo during the years 1875 - 1945.

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