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Library Accessibility

Assistive Technology

VIU Library has a number of stations with assistive technology which can be booked. These include Kurzweil 3000, ZoomText, Inspiration, and a Merlin magnifier. Learn more about assistive technology and web resources available at VIU.

Accessibility Stations

Kurzweil 3000 is an assistive technology tool, providing text-to-speech functionality to support reading, writing and study skills. It is helpful for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and for English as a Second Language learners.

The Kurzweil 3000 station is located across from the library service desk. Please use headphones when using this station.

In addition, VIU has purchased a site license, so all students and/or staff can access the software for free. Create a Kurzweil account here and then follow the instructions in the email you receive.

Watch a video on how to use the Kurzweil 3000.

Book Access Station 1 - Kuzweil 



ZoomText enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, making all of your applications easy to see and use. ZoomText also allows you to select text to be read aloud to you.

You'll find the ZoomText station across from the library service desk. Please use headphones when using this station.

Watch a video on how to use ZoomText.

Book Access Station 2 - ZoomText

Inspiration enables users to create mind-maps and outlines in order to visually communicate their thoughts. Watch a video on how to use Inspiration. Inspiration mind-mapping software is located on both the ZoomText and Kurzweil stations.

Book Access Station 1 or 2

You'll find the Merlin magnifier station across from the library service desk.  

Book Access Station 3 - Merlin 

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