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Newspapers & News Searching

This guide provides an introduction to searching for, and in, newspapers in VIU Library’s collection and beyond.

Finding News: International, National, Local & Business Coverage in Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni includes thousands of news sources from all over the world, with extensive local, national, international, business and industry coverage. 

To limit your results to a single publication, such as the New York Times, use the Guided search. Under the What are you interested in? section select A Publication. Then, in the Search for something specific? search bar enter your keyword(s). Note, you cannot browse a newspaper in Nexis Uni so you must enter your keyword(s). Next, in the Find publication search bar enter the publication title and select a title from the recommended list. Finally, click Search

A screenshot of a search example in a specific publication in Nexis Uni. In the "what are you interested in" section "a publication" is selected, "wage gap" is written in the "search for something specific" search bar, "New York Times" is written in the "find publication" search bar, and the search button is highlighted

You can search for news across all publications by selecting News and entering your keyword(s) in the Search in all News for search bar and then clicking Search. You can also select a date range, but is not mandatory. 

A screenshot of a search example for news in Nexis Uni. In the "what are you interested in" section "news" is selected, "income inequality" is written in the "search all news for" search bar, the "choose date range" selector is set to "all available dates", and the "search" button is highlighted Learn more about advanced searching or searching from the home page and filtering results in Nexis Uni. 


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