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Does the Library@VIU have the journal I need?

How to use the Journals search and "Where can I get this item" to find full text sources from article citations.

I know exactly what I'm looking for... but where is it?

You can locate a specific article, book or other "known" item with these strategies, using information that you already have.

Looking for known books, articles & other items

Book? Use the Library catalogue or LibrarySearch

Enter title or words from title and/or author's last name, taking into account which words will make your results precise.

For example, this search will be more effective:

war AND peace AND tolstoy

...and this search will be less effective:

war AND peace

Try these examples: 

Glamour: A History by Steven Gundle

Taylor, T. L. (2001). Stanley Park. Toronto: A.A. Knopf Canada.

Journal? Or specific journal article? Try the Journals list

Enter the title of the journal (...not the title of the article!)

Choose a resource with appropriate date coverage, and then if online navigate to the year/volume, issue, and pages where your article appears, using your citation if you have one. If the journal is in print or microform, note the call number.

Try these examples: 

British Colonist, 31 October 1899.

Farran, S. & T. Keller. (2009). Students grade their universities. Maclean's, 122(5), 32.

Tolan, F. (2007). Sucking the Blood Out of Second Wave Feminism: Postfeminist Vampirism in Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride. Gothic Studies, 9(2), 45-57.

Not sure what the item is? Try LibrarySearch

Enter words that describe what you're looking for. For example:

  • "article or book or chapter or report title" (in quotation marks)
  • author name (especially if unusual, or multiple names if there are multiple authors)

Note: LibrarySearch may also retrieve items that cite or review your target item, so you may see more results than you expect.

Try these examples:

Exclusive to Al-Jazeera: Media and democracy in the Middle East.

Goater, T., McMillan, B., & Waller, J. (2010). The effects of the filbert weevil (curculio occidentis) and the filbertworm (cydia latiferreana) on Garry Oak (quercus garryana) acorn germination on Vancouver Island.

Map showing coast of northwestern portion of Vancouver Island (1786).

Library Catalogue

Go to the Library catalogue

Journals List

To look for a journal by title go to the Journals list


Try searching Journals A to Z:

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Try using LibrarySearch to find a known item:

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