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Does the Library@VIU have the journal I need?

How to use the Journals search and "Where can I get this item" to find full text sources from article citations.

What is Journals A-Z and why would I use it?

Journals A-Z is a master list of the VIU Library’s journal subscriptions, regardless of format, publisher or database platform. Use Journals A-Z when you want to know if the VIU Library has access to full text content published in a particular journal.  If we do, Journals A-Z will let you know the years for which we have access, and the location of the content - whether in an online database or in print. 

Example: using Journals A-Z to track down an article reference

Let’s say we have found the following reference in an article bibliography and we want to locate the article:

Article reference

Our first question is: what journal was this article published in? This information is located after the article title: J. Raptor Res.  This is an abbreviation for Journal of Raptor Research. 

 [Note: it's common to see abbreviated journal titles in bibliographies.  If the abbreviation isn't familiar or obvious to you, try searching Google and looking for the full title in your search results.  The Web of Science journal abbreviation directory is also a good resource.]

Now, let's look for Journal of Raptor Research in Journals A-Z. 

Click the journals link on the VIU library homepage:

Enter the journal title in the Journals A-Z search box:

Here are the search results:

This means that we have subscription access to this journal from 2006 to present in the BioOne.2 database. From our citation, we can see that the article we're looking for was published in 2007. Click the link to BioOne.2 in Journals A-Z.

Now you’re at the main Journal of Raptor Research page in BioOne.2. You can navigate to the article using the volume, issue and page information in your citation: 41(1):16-25.  This translates to: volume 41 (issue 1): pages 16 to 25.

First, find your publication year (2007) and/or volume (41):

Then, find your issue number (1) and/or page range (16-25):

Then, scroll through the articles until you find the one you want (they will be in page number order) and click on the Full Text / PDF link to access the article:

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