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Education: NITEP (First Nations Teacher Education Program)

About Academic and Professional Journals

A journal

  • Is a scholarly periodical
  • Is published in a regular frequency, often monthly
  • Identifies its parts by volume numbers (typically, all issues published in one year have the same volume number), and individual issue numbers (for example: volume 12, number 2)
  • Contains articles on topics related to the journal's focus, and sometimes book reviews and editorials
  • Has very little advertising, and those few advertisements are for other scholarly publications

Web Resources about Journal Articles

About Journal Articles

Journal articles

  • Are written by academics and professionals who are specialists in their fields
  • Are used to communicate new ideas and theories, and the results of current research
  • Are much narrower in focus than books
  • Are written in scholarly, often technical language
  • Are often longer than magazine articles
  • Provide references to other sources of information, which may include books, journal articles, web resources, and/or interviews 

About Peer Review

Many scholarly articles are peer-reviewed.  That is, they are scrutinized by other experts in the fields before being approved for publication.  To learn more about scholary and peer-reviewed sources, see the library's other guide:

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