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Music History: Recordings

Recordings: Selected Internet sources


  • the Library's cd collection is housed in filing cabinets near the bottom of the stairs that lead up from the main floor of the Nanaimo Library.
  • to find cds, click the link under the find heading on the Library's home page; you can search by composer, performer, and album title; to search by instrument or track title, use the word(s) or phrase search
  • Or, use LibrarySearch to perform a general search, then use the Content Type limiter (on the left side of the screen); if necessary, click more to get a complete list; select Compact Disc
  • to find play-along cds, enter the search term "jazz lead sheets". The Jamey Aebersold booklets are housed on top of the filing cabinets in which all the cds are held.
  • the Library's Video/DVD collection has useful material for Music students.
  • to search for videos or DVDs, click on videos under find on the Library's home page
  • the Library has a streaming video database called Films on Demand, which is found under the list of databases a-z or databases by subject (Humanities tab).
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