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Cited Reference Searching

Discover relevant works by tracing relationships among citations.

Cited Reference Sources Citation Searching

 Select to search within Books 

  • Enter the author's name in the search form

  • You may need to vary the name to broaden or narrow your search, e.g.: 

    • Doctorow

    • Doctorow, Cory

  • For citations to specific works, combine the author's last name with the title of the work in quotation marks, e.g.:

    • Doctorow and "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom"

  • Click on Go

  • Review results and select Click to Look Inside!

  • Scroll down to the "Citations" section. Here you will see a list of books that are cited by this book, followed by a list of other books that cite this book


  • Not all citations have a "Citations" section 
  • This feature is not available on

PubMed: Citation Searching

Select an article from your PubMed search results list by clicking on the title

  • On the right side of the screen there may be a box labeled "All links from this record" 

  • If available, look for options to select "Cited in PMC" and/or "Cited in Books" to view publications that cite the originating article

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