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Windows Update Instructions

Windows Updates: Weekly Check and Installation

Check for and do the Windows updates including Service Packs if any each week when doing the NAV [Norton Anti-Virus] updates. Procedures is as follows:

  1. From START menu select WINDOWS UPDATE
  2. Choose EXPRESS INSTALL which will check for any available updates: wait
  3. If updates are available, they will be listed; click the INSTALL button

Options for Handling Automatic Windows Updates to the Loaner Laptops

Reported by Tracey at the Helpdesk

They are set for updates, so there are two ways you can handle this:

  1. When a laptop returns, connect it to the network, log in with the local user account.  After a couple of minutes the laptop should pickup the update and you will see a balloon notice that there are updates to be installed.  proceed with the updates.
  2. When a laptop returns from loans, leave it turned on and connected to the network (but not logged in) in the morning (9am - noon).  The update should happen automatically sometime between those hours and the laptop will reboot itself.Jan.6/06

Special Instructions for Updating Reserve Laptop 644E

Local login to use when doing anti virus and Windows updates is username: 644E password: 644E on the "wireless" domain.

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