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Weekly Norton Anti-Virus Definitions Update on Loaner Laptops

Reserve Laptop 644E Special Logon Instructions

  • Norton is usually ready to have weekly upgrades installed by Thursday afternoon.
  • Plug laptop into power and network connections.
    • Power connections and network switch are capable of updating multiple laptops at one time
    • Turn on laptop and log in using the local user. Example:
      • Username: 536E
      • Password: 536e
      • Domain: NB-ETC536E (this computer)
    • Open the Norton AntiVirus window by double-clicking on the shield icon in the lower right corner.

    • This screen will appear for you to check the virus definition version number and date.

    • If Virus Definition File Date is current, quit; otherwise, Click on the LiveUpdate… button.
    • Click NEXT when this screen appears:
    • Things will happen and you'll then see this screen which tells you of your success and asks you to press FINISH. Do that.
    • Updates will happen and you'll see this:
    • System will download and install needed updates then close itself out.
    • Shut down laptop and update the Laptop VDU Form by initialing that laptop as successfully upgraded for Norton Anti-Virus.

    Special Instructions for Updating Reserve Laptop 644E

    Local login to use when doing anti virus and Windows updates is username: 644E password: 644E on the "wireless" domain.

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