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Tape (video and audio) Dubbing

We can make video transfers as follows:

Mini DV -->DVD, VHS --> DVD, VHS --> VHS plus  CD --> CD or
DVD --> DVD  under the following conditions:

  1. For VIU course or business related purposes only.
  2. Video dubbing to be done by staff - fill out form available at
    Equipment counter.
  3. With written copyright permission if copyright exists (about copyright)
  4. Copying on the video formats is at real time and the CD and DVD
    copying is high speed.
  5. Generally speaking we prefer minimum 24 hrs. notice but would depend on amount required and current volume of other work. 
    Pick up NEXT week day by 12:00 noon.
  6. We do not supply/sell blank tapes/discs. Clients to supply their own blank media. 
    Media can be purchased at the campus bookstore, through Grand & Toy ordering
    (employees) and local retail outlets.
  7. For further information or clarification on copyright policy please see below and/or check with any of the Librarians. The Reference desk is loc. 6151.
  8. Very important to ask client about the master tape
    before proceeding with the copying:
    1. Is it an original produced by them with a camera?  We can make copies without problem from the client's original production.
    2. Was it purchased from a store, company or distributor? Is it from the
      VIU library collection or rented from a video rental store or other company? If the tape was purchased from a store, rented from a video store or borrowed from the library or another educational institution or a copy of any of the aforementioned versions, we can only make a copy
      if the requestor has obtained written permission to do so from the copyright holder. 
      An email from the copyright holder to Equipment Loans would be acceptable
    3. If in any doubt, please check the tape/disk yourself in a VCR,
      mini dv camera, or cassette recorder



        1.Employees/students  can
book  the video editing rooms to do personal copying    

        2. Refer them to local
businesses performing these services.  Some are listed in the blue
binder at the Equipment Loans counter.



From the Library publication "Employee Guide to Library Resources & Services" September 2003)
  1. All literary, dramatic, artistic, musical, sound, and digital resources are protected from copying by Canadian copyright legislation.
  2. MUC has a license with Access Copyright (formerly CANCOPY) that provides limited reproduction of portions of copyright works by Malaspina students, instructors, and staff for instructional and administrative purposes.
  3. There are limits to the amounts of a published work that may be reproduced and procedures that must be followed when making reproductions for sale in the Bookstore.
  4. Access Copyright does not cover sound recordings or any digital copying.
  5. Public performances (i.e. classroom showing) of films or videos are also governed by copyright law.
  6. The Library pays for a Feature Film License, but not all. Please check with the Media Advisor, Jennifer Franklin, (ext. 6336) before showing videos rented from commercial sources.
  7. For more information on print copying for the purposes of course reserves, interlibrary loan or last minute classroom distribution, contact the Library. For information on copies to be made for coursepacks sold at the Bookstore, contact the Bookstore.
  8. Permissions from the copyright holders must be obtained for any copying of sound recordings, or copying to digital media, or copying beyond the limits of the Access Copyright license.

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