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User Name Problem Aug05

There seems to be an error in the new User Search related to the dynamic indexing used by the Boolean search. Certain users are coming up "User not found" at all, whether by name, user ID, alt ID, etc. This seems to happen particularly when you have been in a record and go out of it and then try to find the user again, and can be quite frustrating when you know the user was just there a minute ago!

Until this can be fixed, please use the following workaround:

In the User Search window, click on icon in the upper left-hand corner (the little user holding a red book). This will take you to our old user search, which is a browse type not dependent on dyamic indexing. Putting in the user's last name/comma/first initial as we used to do, or searching by user ID, will find the "missing" user, and then you can carry on modifying, booking, or whatever.

Tom to Gwen 12July05
Try booking a Laptop/DataProjector/ExtensionCord combo under LAP_XP and see what happens. It will strangely replace the Data Projector with a Digital Video Camera.
Did it with last patron and I tried it just a moment ago on my card.
I've fixed both of those but if you give it a confirm I'm not going crazy and hallucinating.

Gwen to Tom
I did get the same results as you had. I experimented a bit more and found that Bill removed both a data projector and a digital camera from the database today. When I tried to book just the data projector, I created the internal undefined search error again. All group bookings were disabled at that point. From our experience with removing items from the database and the effects on booking, I think the problem will have disappeared by tomorrow. If I am wrong, though, and this oddity still occurs, please let me know and I will report to Sirsi.
I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, so will be in late am.
Thanks for letting me know about this problem.

Bill says
I added two dvd players yesterday. 158D and 159D. I did not remove a data projector nor a digital camera. Can we talk?

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