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Slide Projector Cleaning

Slide Projector Cleaning and Testing

  1. Remove lens and clean both sides of the glass with lens tissue.
  2. Install lens back on unit, plug it in and place test slide tray on unit.
  3. Turn lamp on and test the unit for focus, forward and reverse functions using the manual button and the remote control. Test using most of the contents of the tray (40 slides) so that if a problem exists it will probably show up.
  4. Check that unit, carrying case and all parts are labeled with correct unit numbers and MUC.
  5. Attach or replace green labels giving number to call for lamp replacement or assistance.
  6. On underside of unit, remove old "tested and cleaned" label and replace with current one.
  7. Ensure there is a "contents" list inside the carrying case and that all contents are present.
  8. Check that the peripheral items as well as the main item and case are clearly labeled i.e. go over number in silver permanent ink to ensure legibility.
  9. If there is a problem with the unit:
    1. Check Workflows to see if there are any bookings; if none, check out to REPAIRS with a due date of NEVER.
    2. If there are bookings on the unit, try to move those bookings to another projector and delete the ones on the problem unit.
    3. Create a ticket detailing the problem and assign it to Bill or Neil.
    4. Print a copy of the ticket and attach to the unit.
  10. Make entry in Audio Visual Equipment Maintenance Log that yearly maintenance performed on that unit

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