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Royal Arbutus Room

Equipment In Royal Arbutus Room

OH projector Unknown OK
Data Projector Unknown OK
Fixed Screen Unknown  OK
Sound System* Unknown OK
DVD player* Unknown OK
VHS VCR* Unknown OK

* Users who require access to the sound system, DVD, VCR need to borrow a
key to access the locked cabinet in the southeast corner of the room. 
See key cabinet in Equipment Loan storage room 310.  The Centre for
Continuing Studies has their own copy of this key. 

The DVD and VCR players will project through the data projector - a TV is
not required.

More on RAR from Tracey

I have checked with the technician about the Royal Arbutus Room and it looks like all you will need is the key you have booked.

  • The cables for the VCR and the Data Projector are in the Podium (Instructions are on top of the podium). Internet connection, power cables etc.
  • Sound for the VCR and the P/A system is in the black box in the corner (Instructions on the podium and on the black box)
  • Remote for Data Projector is in the Podium.

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