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I have rewritten the procedure for room bookings in an effort to simplify it. We will still be making appointments with Johnny but he will be making sure his availability is up to date and trying not to schedule himself unavailable during the 1:30-4:00 time, and I will be posting a reminder at the head of each room's calendar on any days which he is not available, so we don't even try to book on those days--keep an eye out for these reminders in the grey box at the top of each day.

In addition, Johnny will be responsible for dealing with any booking conflicts, no matter how they arise, and contacting the student directly to reschedule, so if any declines show up in the inbox, for instance, we do not have to deal with them. When Johnny is away, Catherine Deutscher will automatically be checking his calendar and reassigning any appointments to Craig or making other arrangements if they are both away.

The procedure has been simplified, and I have renamed the rooms, so please have a quick read of the laminated cheat-sheet I have left out front, or check the manual at

Hope this helps, please take some time to practice with the Outlook calendar if you are unfamiliar (I am always open to invitations for coffee...;-)) and let me know if there are any problems or ongoing difficulties. Soon, we will be practising with the new version of Outlook and will have to learn all over again! Kate June/05

Room Bookings handles the bookings for the
Library board room 507

Three Editing Rooms, Audio Editing Room, Group Viewing Room

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